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What is it like to be a Guru?

GuruDesk's enormous network offers dreamy chances to be employed at top-tier start-ups in many countries. We bring together the best talents and best opportunities. Being a Guru means enjoying world-class benefits while making money by working at your dream job.

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Begin your journey of becoming a Guru by filling out the application form.

Technical Assignments

Once you complete the application process, we will designate technical assignments to test your qualifications.


If you successfully complete the technical assignments and prove your qualification, our experienced recruiters will start the interview process.

Project Match

After all the steps are done, all you need to do is wait for us to find you the perfect project.

How to become a professional web designer and developer at GuruDesk
Benefits of Cloud Platform
Digital Nomad
The future is remote, and so is our working system. Enjoy the benefits of your dream job from your comfort zone.
Guru Community
Our Guru community consists of developers, designers, and others. Meet with the most talented people in your industry and expand your network.
Guru Support
Our community highly values knowledge sharing. Expand your know-how in consultation with highly skilled experts.
Work with current tools
We assume more and more projects that require knowledge of the most cutting-edge technologies. Enjoy working with last-generation tools as a tech enthusiast.

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