The sky is not the limit. Nothing is with Cloud Platform!
A cloud platform provides you with all the infrastructure your business needs. Do you need power, speed, or storage? GuruDesk’s cloud platform has it all to empower your business. Worldwide data centers to serve you 24/7.
Cloud platforms offer more security, reliability and storage

Cloud Platform Plans

Find the right cloud platform plan to cover all your business needs.
VPS 512
per monthly (With a 3-year term)
$ 30.78
On sale - Save -339%
$ 7.00 /mo when you renew

  • Hosting:5
  • Domain:5
  • Disk:50 GB
  • Ram:16 GB
  • SSL:Free
most popular
VPS 1024
per monthly (With a 3-year term)
$ 27.78
On sale - Save -179%
$ 9.95 /mo when you renew

VPS 2048
per monthly (With a 3-year term)
$ 55.56
On sale - Save -178%
$ 19.95 /mo when you renew

Our Cloud Platform Infrastructure
Cloud platform infrastructure to help your online business grow rapidly
Full Root Access
Full root access enables you to configure the server environment to your needs and provides you with complete control over your hosting features. With a cloud platform, you can create unlimited file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts to manage your files on your virtual server. Also, customize your virtual private server to your taste and monitor all your resources.
1000 Mb/s Network
Provide a smoother experience to your users with speedy website loading times and a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. The speed that only world-class providers offer.
NVMe SSD and Processing Power
All GuruDesk virtual private servers have the latest Dell PowerEdge™ processors, terabytes of NVMe SSD storage, and 512 GB RAM. This provides enough processing power and storage for medium to large-scale projects.
Dedicated IPv6
We offer you the future with IPv6 with a cloud platform. Thanks to the latest IP technologies, you can keep your connections secure.
Backups and Snapshots
Automated backups and manual live snapshots enable you to restore your website within minutes.
GuruDesk Cloud Platform Infrastructure to maximize website speed
Benefits of Cloud Platform
High performance
All the resources of a server are reserved for you - CPU, RAM, and disk space. It is robust and stable, making the cloud platform the best option for all your online projects.
Your server will be secure thanks to BitNinja’s full-stack server protection, the built-in advanced DDoS protection, and a dedicated IP.
Easy Hosting Management
GuruDesk’s cloud platform has a user-friendly, all-in-one dashboard that facilitates resource management.
Worldwide data centers
GuruDesk has worldwide data centers, ensuring maximum reliability regardless of location.
All Cloud Platforms Include
All-in-one dashboard

All the tools you need to manage your websites are available in a single point. GuruDesk has the most user-friendly dashboard to provide a smooth and efficient experience.

Unlimited bandwidth

We provide a single server with no limits on the traffic levels your websites can handle.

Dedicated power

A server’s resources are reserved just for you. You will have complete authority over RAM, CPU, and storage. This means that other websites’ traffic will never affect your website.

Solid state drives (SSD) and NVMe

The world-class processing power and storage for you to manage projects from all scales. This provides high and fast performance, allowing you to provide a good user experience to your customers.

24/7 Guru support

You will have Guru support around the clock to fix any possible problems. At GuruDesk, our vision is to fix your problems and prevent them from repeating.

Host unlimited domains and websites

A server’s resources are reserved for you alone. This gives you complete authority to host as many domains and websites as you wish. You shape your server environment as you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions
Many customers rely on our domains and web hosting to get their ideas online. Let us answer any questions you might have.

A cloud platform is a computer that provides infinite possibilities and substantial computer system resources. All resources of a dedicated server are reserved for your usage only. You can appoint all these resources according to your business needs. This gives you complete authority over your digital actions, and you can handle projects at any scale.

A cloud platform has many benefits. Imagine a very powerful computer with high-tech capabilities. You can configure this computer according to your business needs. It provides your website with excellent stability and high performance. Fast loading speeds are guaranteed since you do not share the operating system with other users.

The usage of a cloud platform depends entirely on your business needs. You can use a cloud platform for hosting domains and websites, data backup, disaster recovery, software development, data analytics, and virtual desktops. The possibilities are endless!

Yes. You will receive a dedicated IP address when you purchase a cloud platform service. This will ensure you improved website speed and security. Also, since it is a dedicated IP address, the chances of your website getting blocked are zero.