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Email Hosting Plans

Find the right email hosting plan for your brand
Starter Hosting
Monthly fee (with a 3-year term)
$ 4.95
$ 4.95 On monthly subscription

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Business Hosting
Monthly fee (with a 3-year term)
$ 8.95
$ 8.95 On monthly subscription

Premium Hosting
Monthly fee (with a 3-year term)
$ 12.95
$ 12.95 On monthly subscription

A tool you need to grow your business
Having a customized professional email will help you build trust with your customers! Send and receive emails through your professional email address, customized with your unique domain name.
Email hosting for using a domain-based professional email address
Why you should purchase email hosting rather than using a generic email provider for your business to succeed
Get your unique email for your unique business
Instead of using popular email providers like Gmail or Hotmail, a professional business email address uses your company name, such as @yourdomain.com. Customize your email address and show the world you are a pro.
Professional email
a critical tool to protect your business
Email Backup
Email Backup
Email addresses should go through backup procedures to minimize data loss. Email backups are available for retrieval whenever you want.
Email Security
Email Security
We guarantee the protection of sensitive information in your email communications. Feel free to discuss all confidential information.
Why you need a professional email address?
Credibility and Trust
A professional email address helps you build trust with your existing and potential customers
Guaranteed Confidentiality
Only you will have access to confidential information within your internal communications
Complete Authority
You can add and delete users as you get new members or lose existing ones
Tackle Spam Filters
Spam filters are more aggressive with free accounts. Reduce the chances of getting flagged as spam
How can a professional email address help your online business grow
Frequently Asked Questions
Many customers rely on our domains and web hosting to get their ideas online. Let us answer any questions you might have.

A domain-based email address will do marketing for you. You will send and receive emails from potential customers, which is the first stage of building a relationship online. With a professional email, you will gain credibility in the eyes of your potential and existing customers.

A customized email address provides consistent branding. To appear legitimate and professional, you need a customized email address. Investing in a personalized professional email address shows the world how serious you are.

Anyone can sign up for Gmail, or Hotmail addresses with any name. With a customized professional email, your potential customers will be sure of who you and your brand are. A professional email builds trust with your potential and existing customers.

You can have as many customized email addresses as you wish. Having separate email addresses for different business functions is beneficial, even if you are a one-person operation.

Yes, and it is really efficient to standardize email addresses for your business. For instance, it is more likely to gain the trust of potential customers with the digitalmarketing@gurudesk.com email address rather than gurudesk@gmail.com. As your company grows, you can use the same format for every staff member with a domain-based email address.

You are in complete control of your customized professional email address. When a staff member leaves the company, you will have full authority over their email addresses. You wouldn't have this chance if your staff members used their personal emails. This way, you can also smoothen a new staff member's onboarding process by transferring the previous emails.

A professional email address reduces the risk of getting flagged as spam. Spam filters are more aggressive with free accounts. It would be a shame if you spend hours writing emails or newsletters to rot in a person's junk mail.

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