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Gurudesk hosting services are available to everyone, regardless of whether they already have a website. In addition to fast loading speeds, we also provide round-the-clock Guru Support.

Web Hosting

Installation is a lost art. GuruDesk's hosting makes it easy to get your site up and running with a click.

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Wordpress Hosting

Uniquely developed for Wordpress sites. Automatic installation and backups enables you a hassle-free administration.

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Business Hosting

Plans give power and performance at a reasonable rate for high-traffic and eCommerce sites. The GuruDesk support staff are always there to help you keep your business running smoothly.

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Meet Ashley

Ashley realized how much she enjoyed pottery and that she could spend the rest of her life doing it. She could convert her garage into a workshop and work from there. She could make a living by selling her work. After making her plans, she resigned from her full-time job.

She started her own business. Ashley was creating beautiful products, but no one knew what she was up to. She should have reached out to a larger audience. She came across GuruDesk while looking for information on how to create a website. She immediately purchased a domain and hosting. Our Gurus assisted her in setting up her wordpress site and creating her online store. She now has a large number of customers.

Professional digital presence

Clients are more likely to pick a company that has a representative email address. You may also create new email addresses that are completely unique to you.

Remarkable WordPress Websites

Do you need Guru support? Get ease of mind knowing your WordPress site is completely maintained with built-in safety, daily backups, plugins and PHP versions to improve performance and consistency.

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Apart from providing high-quality products, we also strive to create a seamless user experience. With GuruDesk Cockpit, you have complete control over your products.

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You will know everything about your apps, products, billings, and more. Turn-on push notifications, get a coffee, and wait for Guru Support to handle it. Don't worry, we won't let your coffee get cold.

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Our team gathered some ideas that might be helpful for you while starting a new business or setting up professional digital presence for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several questions we’ve pick for you to find solutions about your business.

How to Start an E-Commerce Business?

The electronic commerce has been exploding for a while and the numbers of providers are still growing rapidly.

Introduction to SEO

SEO – in other words “search engine optimization”, is the practice of increasing both the quality and quantity

Create a Blog the Right Way

Launching a blog isn’t always what we consider as ‘easy’. Right steps are what we need through the period of creating something

Thousands of clients have choosen GuruDesk to get their dreams online.
Answers to our client's most frequently asked questions.

GuruDesk provides a wide range of products to assist you in creating your online presence. Do you already have a site? Take a look at our hosting options. You can take your website to the next level with GuruDesk hosting. Do you still have no idea how to do it? Allow our Gurus to assist you.

Domain and Hosting. Then you can build your website on them. You can hire a developer to do it for you, or you can build your own website using WordPress. We believe you can create your own website. No worries; our Gurus have got your back.

You will have an e-mail address like if you use a professional e-mail service. It's reliable and professional.

You can think of it as your website's nickname. Visitors can use your domain name to get to your website. If no one has yet purchased the right to use your domain name, you can purchase it.

Your website's files are kept on a hosting server. You can make your website available to the entire world by using hosting. Get hosting if you're running a website or planning to do so.

Powered by our specialized Gurus, Gurudesk is the world's most user-centric domain and hosting platform, according to our statistics. To get started with GuruDesk, you do not need to have any technical knowledge. Our simple dashboard will allow you to maintain complete control over all of your products without the need for technical assistance. Nonetheless, if you get stuck, our Gurus will be there to help you.

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I moved all of my products over to GuruDesk. Their formats are simple to work with, and their customer service is exceptional.
Marry P. San Diego, CA
Very patient representative. Dan walked me through every step of the process of resolving my issue.
Brenda B. Greenville, SC
Employees at GuruDesk are the finest. Better than the rest of the service providers we employ to help our firm succeed. Go Daddy and Rissa deserve to be congratulated and flown high!
Patricia A. Los Angeles, CA
So far, they have really made my life easier, and they are very responsive to any potential issues that arise and address them immediately.
Paul R. San Francisco, CA
The main thing to know about GuruDesk is that they literally provide the service that they advertise.
Daniel Y. San Antonio, TX
I couldn't ask for a better service!
John H. Chicago, IL
Most of my emails get answered within 10 minutes. It's amazing!
Stewart C. Las Vegas, NV
The service they offer is one of the best I have seen in this industry, hands down!
Joseph S. Las Vegas, NV
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