WordPress is the most famous site builder and cms in the world, with over 23 billion page views on WordPress sites each month. One reason behind the recognition of WordPress is that it’s completely free to install and download on a wide range of platforms. Since WordPress may be utilized in different hosting environments, the cost for WordPress hosting can vary from less than $5 per month for shared hosting to a couple hundred dollars for managed hosting. Between these two extremes lies many different hosting packages offering combinations of services and customers service there’s a hosting price to fit the needs of consumers which range from personal writers to large corporations. 

WordPress Hosting Options : 

WordPress is fully functional cms, or Content management system, that enables users of all levels of experience to start and manage a site. For all these without website development training and experience, WordPress can be set up with one click, and customized by a host control panel with any one of thousands of premium and free themes available in WordPress itself along with an extensive list of 3rd party developers. And, for website owners with web site design and development expertise, WordPress allows for advanced customization and control. This flexibility and flexibility make it feasible to add WordPress in the hosting environments of all types – and also to allow for a wide range of hosting prices and packages to meet a broad range of user needs. 

Shared WordPress Hosting(Affordable choices for Small Sites) : 

Shared WordPress hosting places hosting inside the reach of almost everybody, with hosting prices that may beginning as low as $3 to $5 per month on first promotions. After the promotional period ends hosting prices apply, but these costs can stay under $20 per month on a lot of hosting programs. For these providers, WordPress is only one of several platform users can install with a brand new account – and, since it is free to use, no extra fees apply. Within this sort of hosting environment, a website powered by WordPress shares space on a common server employed by hundreds, or possibly thousands, of websites using not just WordPress, but the numerous other available site builders. 

This allows suppliers to provide a basic plan at quite low rates. A shared WordPress hosting solution isn’t for everyone. Since all websites on a shared server need to share the server’s resources equally may cause sites to operate slowly. 

Security measures can be skimpy and poorly executed, too. The lack of WordPress attributes and service may also mean that consumers are unlikely to find help from the service team for WordPress issues. But, for smaller websites and new users that are establishing an online presence, shared WordPress hosting could be an economical and convenient option.