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Elementor Pro 101 - Empower Your Website
Elementor Pro 101 – Empower Your Website
Being one of the top Content Management Systems, WordPress is preferred for a number of reasons some of which are the ease of customization, mobile readiness, powerful media management, security features, Search Engine Optimization or SEO Capabilities and its overall well-designed backend. When delving into a builder to start...
The 5 Best WordPress Themes for Travel Agencies
The 5 Best WordPress Themes for Travel Agencies  
Best WordPress Themes for Travel Agencies – Travel agencies nowadays offer the option of booking directly online. Platforms similar to TripAdvisor and Skyscanner have caused noise, enticing competition in all sites. How can your website stand out? We’re offering you 5 of the best WordPress Themes and plugins for...
How is Holding You Back
How is Holding You Back – Powering 37% of all websites on the internet, WordPress continues to be one of the leading CMS platforms to exist. For those that need a refresher, WordPress is a free open-source content management system which features plugin architecture and template system. Technically, WordPress allows you to host...
Building a Website with WordPress
Building a Website with WordPress: A step-by-step Guide
Building a website with WordPress – Did you know that as of 2023, there are approximately 810 million websites using WordPress? That is an impressive number, considering that it is almost half of all websites out there! If you’re one of the many who have decided to join the...
10 best website design trends of 2023
10 Best Website Design Trends of 2023
Website Design Trends are ever shifting on the internet. As technology and user expectations evolve, so does the design landscape. The new year brings a fresh set of trends and techniques that will set your website apart from the competition. From bold use of color and typography to cutting-edge...
Woman standing in the middle comparing WooCommerce vs Shopify
The Battle Between WooCommerce vs Shopify
WooCommerce vs Shopify: a long standing debate on which site has more to offer, and more importantly, which is a better fit for your business. Ecommerce platforms are taking over the internet and there has been a long-standing debate on which ecommerce platform is better. It is our job...

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