Building Brand Credibility: Securing Business Email for Control and Continuity

Brand credibility with secure business email: Imagine a potential client receiving an email from your business with a free email address like ‘’. What kind of impression are you leaving? Definitely not a professional one. 

What if we told you you could make use of your website domain name and get email hosting for free with every plan? 

Doesn’t sound convincing? Allow us to explain. 

Professional emails work for all business needs, whether it be daily communications, email marketing, or everything in between. 

They let your customers know that your business is truly yours and is based on not only credibility but also authenticity. 

Brand Credibility
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Email Hosting and Business Emails 

The most common way for people to remember your brand is by your domain name. Your domain name is your business identity on the website. 

It represents your business and allows people to remember it, as opposed to an IP Address which is made up of numbers. 

Email hosting allows businesses or individuals to send and receive emails using their own domain name, such as “”

Email hosting allows the following benefits: 

  • Brand Credibility: Makes your business look and feel more professional 
  • Security: Offers more robust security features, reducing spam and malware filtering
  • Control: Ability to create multiple email addresses and set up custom forwarding rules
  • Flexibility: Offers a variety of features and add-ons, such as email archiving and collaboration
  • Cost-free: And at, you don’t have to pay a single penny for it!

Threats to Business Email 

Businesses are slowly growing and showcasing their products and services. What this means is that they are more susceptible to security threats. 

Threats such as Business Email Compromise, or BEC are impersonation scams that cause significant financial damage. 

Here are the different forms of BEC attacks:

1. CEO Fraud 

The most common form of BEC is CEO fraud. Using a hacked or spoofed email account, fraudulent emails are sent under the business leader’s name, instructing employees to immediately transfer payments to fraudulent accounts. 

2. Personal Email Compromise (PEC)

These attacks spoof an executive’s personal email account, making them even more convincing to recipients.

3. Vendor Email Compromise (VEC)

Cybercriminals impersonate vendors, instructing recipients to change payment destinations to accounts controlled by the criminal. 

By researching vendors over time, criminals can target multiple victims across a company’s supply chain.

4. Spoofed Lawyer or Real Estate Email Accounts 

Criminals impersonate parties involved in financial transactions, often related to real estate or other commercial deals. 

They manipulate transaction details and request changes in payment information.

5. Requests for W-2 Information 

In this attack, cybercriminals impersonate senior employees to request employee W-2 data. This information can be used for fraudulent activities, such as filing tax returns or other identity-related fraud.

6. Gift Card Fraud 

Hackers impersonate business executives and instruct employees to purchase gift cards as rewards. 

They request gift card serial numbers for fraudulent purchases.

Brand Credibility
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Why Are BEC Attacks A Growing Concern?

Since BEC attacks target the trust and authority of businesses and their leaders and employees, they solely rely on social engineering and manipulation to deceive victims into taking actions that lead to various financial losses or data breaches. 

You’re then left with a business slowly becoming more and more incredible and impossible to believe. 

So how do you build brand credibility with a secure business email?

Enhanced Brand Trust by Securing Business Email Practices 

Organizations are entrusted with vast amounts of sensitive information, including financial records, customer data, and intellectual property. 

This data is a valuable asset, but it also represents a significant risk if it falls into the wrong hands. Data breaches can lead to financial losses, reputational damage, and legal consequences.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a critical tool for protecting sensitive data from unauthorized disclosure, theft, or destruction. 

DLP encompasses a set of technologies and policies that identify, monitor, and control the movement of sensitive data within and outside of an organization.

Why DLP Matters

DLP is essential for organizations of all sizes, regardless of industry. 

Data breaches can have a devastating impact on any organization, and the cost of remediating a breach can be substantial. 

Even small data leaks can damage an organization’s reputation and erode customer trust.

DLP can help organizations to:

  • Prevent accidental data loss
  • Protect sensitive data from unauthorized access
  • Comply with data privacy regulations
  • Minimize the risk of data breaches
Brand Credibility
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Key Components of a DLP Strategy

An effective DLP strategy should encompass all potential threat vectors, including:

  • User education: It is important to educate employees about the risks of data loss and how to protect sensitive information.
  • Data classification: Organizations should classify their data based on its sensitivity level and apply appropriate DLP controls accordingly.
  • Data monitoring: DLP solutions should monitor the movement of sensitive data to identify potential leaks or breaches.
  • Data encryption: Sensitive data should be encrypted at rest and in transit to protect it from unauthorized access.
  • Data incident response: Organizations should have a plan for responding to data breaches.

Securing Business Email and Ensuring Credibility

Safeguarding your email infrastructure and ensuring continuity is of great importance. 

At GuruDesk, we provide comprehensive services to protect data, secure an online presence, and succeed in the digital world. 

GuruDesk is the all-in-one web solutions provider for businesses seeking comprehensive security solutions, domain names, and email hosting, all at an affordable price.

Brand Credibility
Business Email 
GuruDesk Web Hosting 
Web Hosting

Free Domain Hosting With Email 

Offering free domain and email hosting with our annual plan, GuruDesk enables businesses to establish a professional online presence at no cost. 

We also provide SSL certificates to secure websites and protect sensitive user data, along with a robust three-layer firewall architecture that safeguards your business from cyberattacks and ensures network stability. 

In case of any issues that may arise, our dedicated expert support team is available 24/7 to assist businesses with technical issues and security concerns. 

Our services, transparency, and dedicated support team make us the trusted provider for businesses of all sizes. 

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