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The Psychology behind Ecommerce

What is Consumer Psychology?

Consumer Psychology is the study of human behavior in relation to their buying patterns, customs, and preferences. Reactions and preferences to the advertising, packaging, and marketing of consumer products all fall under consumer psychology.

What is Ecommerce? – Psychology behind Ecommerce

Ecommerce is the process of buying and selling products or services online. Ecommerce is considered a more cost-effective method because it does not involve a physical storefront, allowing for a broader audience reach.

How Does Consumer Psychology Affect Ecommerce?

Consumer Psychology plays a vital role in effectively leveraging social proof to instill trust in your customers or consumers. This will ultimately affect or influence their purchasing decisions. 

What Motivates Customers to Buy?

The psychology of ecommerce

Observation and statistical findings specifically target the discovery of trends in consumer behavior. Theorizing is only as useful as it is proven in the ecommerce industry. 

According to Powered by Search, 57% of consumers tend to abandon a site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. 80% of those same consumers will never come back. 

92.6% of people say that visuals and imagery are one of the main factors that influence their purchasing decisions. 

With 85% of customers reading online reviews before making a purchase, 79% of those people tend to trust online reviews, as much as they would personal recommendations from a friend.

What we can distinguish from these insights is the importance of a fully functioning ecommerce store that places the user’s or consumer’s experience first and foremost.

Build Your Ecommerce Website With Psychology 

Website Design 

When deciding your store’s primary design, it is essential to consider consumer psychology, whether it be from color choices to visuals to loading speed. 


Visuals have a significant influence on most purchasing decisions. Images are vital in ecommerce since they are the only way customers can get a feel for the product before purchasing it. 

In order to incorporate visuals, use a variety of well-lit, high-quality images from varying angles, to put customers’ minds at ease about purchasing your products. 

Color Scheme 

Color’s are important since they offer customers the opportunity to feel a needed emotion. It’s important that when you’re establishing your brand identity, you really think about your color scheme. 

  • What do your brand colors say to customers?
  • How do you call for their attention with CTAs and other important information?
  • Does color add to your conversation or distract them?

Speed and Performance 

Loading under 3 seconds is vital. Optimize your images to prevent any loss of time while your website is loading. If need be, you can use lazy images, which load when customers scroll and land on specific aspects that have visuals. 

Social Proof 

Psychology behind Ecommerce, Ecommerce Psychology, Ecommerce

One of the primary motivations for consumer behavior is Social Proof. Include customer reviews and ratings for each product, or even include an incentive for customers to share their feedback, 

Wherever it makes sense on your website, include third party validation or awards for your products. 

Friction Reduction 

Friction includes anything that comes in between the customer who wants to buy from you and the sale. Friction not only causes shopping cart abandonment but low conversion rates as well.

Eliminating as much friction as possible should be one of your priorities for a positive user experience

Easy Checkout 

The check out process should be as quick and simple as possible. Any unnecessary steps should be cut out to ensure the whole process is transparent and easy. 

Transparent Costs 

One of many customers pet peeves is getting all the way through the checkout process to discover that shipping is an extra $25. 

Being clear and transparent about shipping and other costs should be offered from the very beginning to avoid potential customer loss. 

Secure Payment Gateways 

Secure payment gateways are necessary since customers are already wary of offering sensitive payment information. 

Ensure to offer payment options that are secure and that customers trust, prominently display those badges, and watch as customers slowly lean into your online store.

Ecommerce Psychology 

Psychology behind Ecommerce, Ecommerce Psychology, Ecommerce

A firm understanding of psychology can take your ecommerce store to new heights. 

Having the basics down in consumer psychology gives your customers a better understanding of what you have to offer, as well as the idea that their experience is vital. 

GuruDesk WooCommerce – Psychology behind Ecommerce

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