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Buyer Personas – When starting a business, we all envision what a perfect customer resembles. In business, a fictional representation of an ideal customer is called Buyer Persona. Based on the information you accumulate when navigating through your targeted audience, you are able to have data that includes customer demographics, psychographics, behavior, interests, motivations, and last, but not least, pain points. As a business, what’s the best way to develop an effective buyer persona that matches your business goals and what you hope to achieve?

Creating Buyer Personas

When businesses create buyer personas, they are getting a chance at understanding their customers better in order to tailor their marketing, sales, and product strategies to meet not only their needs, but preferences. Not only does it offer businesses the chance at identifying new opportunities, furthermore, it improves customer acquisitions and retention, satisfaction and loyalty. 

Buyer Personas & Psychology

Also known as Marketing Personas, Buyer Personas tend to use psychology by understanding how people come to the formation of beliefs surrounding a brand and the products and services it offers. It doesn’t stop there! Buyer Personas also offer the chance at viewing how these feelings are translated into purchasing behaviors. We’ve delved deeper into the Psychology of Consumer Behavior in our blog titled, Increase Sales Online, Psychologically 101

Behavioral Economics & Buyer Personas 

As there is no clear indication of what the ideal customer looks like, that hasn’t prevented scientists and business owners from attempting to best shape and create one. Behavioral Economics studies the effects of Psychological, Social, Cognitive, and Emotional Factors on decisions made by individuals as a result of market prices, returns and resource allocation. 

Buyer Personas - Behavioral Economics

How to Create Detailed Buyer Personas for Your Business

Think of it this way, buyer personas are your target audience. It’s the prospective customers that will approach your products or services, and how to best serve them if they run through an issue. Buyer personas allow for the opportunity to think two steps ahead, and offer solutions no matter what our existing customers might face. 

How do you begin developing personas that assist you in the long run?

  1. Conduct Market Research: As with everything, go to your trusted search engine and begin accumulating information regarding demographics, psychographics, behavior, interests, motivations, and pain points. A great way to gather information could be through the use of surveys, interviews, social media and word-of-mouth. 
  2. Analyze the Data: Once obtained, begin linking and identifying common factors (trends, patterns) that’ll assist in narrowing customer needs, preferences, and behaviors. 
  3. Develop Personas: Creating the ideal buyer should have key characteristics such as age, gender, income, education, job title, and location. Once the basics are noted, you can move on to the detailed aspect such as, hobbies, interests, goals, challenges and pain points. Don’t forget a name and photo to add a realistic touch. 
  4. Validate Personas: Now that you developed your persona, begin validating by testing them onto real customers. You can use what you’ve already obtained to ask customers if it suffices their needs, beliefs, behaviors and preferences. After which, you can fine tune and make the necessary edits. 
  5. Use Personas: Your Buyer Persona is ready to be offered to Marketing, Sales and product strategists. Campaigns and messaging is then linked to the personas created to guide you step by step!
  6. Update Personas: As your business begins to evolve, you will have to go back and update your buyer persona accordingly. 

Customers behave differently as the years go by with everything continuously evolving, that’s why it is important to create more than one buyer persona, since not only are we constantly growing, but every individual is different in their own way. Creating personas may need some time, but it allows for the sales and marketing teams to move through their campaigns smoothly!

Buyer Persona

Through the use of data, you are able to approach results in a much higher quality that will emotionally resonate with your customers, building customer loyalty and therefore, generating more engagement. 

Website Design and Content Marketing 

Make sure that your product or service pages are able to speak to the customers or target audience that you have in mind. Consider your pages based on multiple different buyer personas and how they would tackle your products. 

You can decide which customer persona based on further factors such as website traffic, conversion rates, and average order value. Make sure that the start to your website design is fully thought out and if you need some help with choosing a website design that fits your targeted audience, be sure to read our blog post, “10 Best Website Design Trends of 2023“.

Product Recommendations and Collections

Personas are not only viable to your business as a whole, however they can be a very important factor in shaping the overall shopping experience to meet your customers needs. Creating filters, product placements, and more lead to a shared conversation through your buyer personas. 

Ad Target

Based on the cultivated personas’ you are able to use the demographics, interests, and purchasing behaviors to not only test ad messaging and formats, but also to refer to values or goals customers care for the most. 

Email Marketing Efforts 

Relevancy and emails are the perfect platform to deliver specific, targeted content. Tailoring and crafting your emails to the customer persona of your choice assesses you in promoting your emails based on preferences, pain points and more. 

buyer personas: Customer comparison percentage chart with categories slide template. Analysis, graph, diagram. Concept for presentation, template, annual report. Can be used for topics like business, trade, marketing
Customer comparison percentage chart with categories slide template. Analysis, graph, diagram. Concept for presentation, template, annual report. Can be used for topics like business, trade, marketing

What are the 6 Buyer Personas?

We all wish it was simpler, but there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Business owners may use one of the common buyer personas developed to assist them:

The Decision Maker Persona: CEO, Manager, or high-level executive – this persona is sure about the product or service they want to purchase. 

The End User Persona: Employee, Customer, Consumer – this persona will use the product or service on a daily basis. 

The Influencer Persona: Consultant, Advisor, Expert – this persona has significant impact on the purchasing choice, but no final say.

The Researcher Persona: Marketer, Analyst, Researcher – this persona gathers information prior to making a decision on purchasing the product or service. 

The Budget Holder Persona: CFO, Accountant, Financial Analyst – this persona is responsible for managing the budget and have some say in the purchasing aspect. 

The Gatekeeper Persona: Receptionist, Assistant, Administrative Professional – this persona controls access to the decision maker, having some say in the purchasing aspect. 

Buyer Persona Templates

We much you customize your buyer personas specific to your business needs and target audience, however, we are more than happy to offer you a template to get started and simplify the process for you: 

  1. Personal Information
    1. Name 
    2. Age 
    3. Gender 
    4. Occupation 
    5. Education 
  2. Demographics
    1. Location 
    2. Language 
    3. Family Status 
    4. Income 
  3. Psychographics
    1. Personality Traits 
    2. Interests
    3. Hobbies 
    4. Values 
    5. Attitudes 
    6. Lifestyle 
  4. Goals and Challenges
    1. Goals and Aspirations?
    2. Challenges faced in achieving goals?
  5. Pain Point:
    1. Biggest Pain points/Frustrations?
    2. Obstacles preventing from achieving goals?
  6. Decision Making Process
    1. What Motivates them to make a purchase?
    2. What factors inlfuence decision making process?
    3. Who else is involved in the decision making process?
  7. Communication Preferences
    1. Which communication channels are favored?
    2. What is the preffered method of receiving information?
    3. What tone and language do they respond to?
  8. Buying Behavior
    1. Buying behavior 
    2. Preferred payment methods
    3. How frequent do they make purchases?
  9. Customer Journey
    1. What is their customer journey?
    2. What touchpoints do they interact with?
    3. what content or information do they need at each stage of the customer journey?

Customer Persona 

Customer Personas are easy to build, yet the most important thing is applying the previous template to slowly formulate the approach that best suits your potential customers. Create a buyer persona or multiple buyer personas, to be able to target audience personas that are closely related to your business goals, strategies and most importantly core values. 

Buyer personas: sales and marketing choosing which buyer persona to choose from for their campaign

Buyer Performance – Marketing & Sales Teams

Critical for both, marketing and sales teams, Buyer Performance assists in better understanding behavior and performance of their targeted audience. Marketing teams are Abel to identify which channels and messaging is the most effective in reaching goals, therefore, personalizing campaigns that resonate and drive audience and customers. 

Marketing Campaigns are therefore created by marketing teams to best create effective lead generation strategies that attract high-quality and serious customers. Sales team is able to best optimize sales processes and improve conversion rates. 

Buyer Personas 

Important and needed, buyer personas are a major part of your business. As a business owner, it is of importance to slowly begin formulating a customer persona that closely aligns with your brand to maximize and ensure brand loyalty. 

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