Increase sales online, psychologically

Increase sales online, psychologically. When delving into ecommerce and psychology, we first need to establish some marketing foundation and understand what consumer behavior is. The actions and decisions that individuals make as they are purchasing services or products are referred to as consumer behavior. Everything regarding a product or service is linked to the initial standpoint, afterwards you look at how the product or service is used, and why they should continue to purchase what you have to offer. Our value proposition lies in the service we offer. What helps increase sales online is the mix of benefits and skill, which we promise to offer you.

Sounds simple, right? Here’s our guide to how to increase online sales fast, Psychologically.

Marketing Psychology 

Increase sales online, psychologically: marketing product manager holding marketing promotion plan marketing product manager desk. Marketing mix plan for target market.

When we look to understand the tones and aspects of what makes psychology important within the field of business and ecommerce, specifically, we need to understand what marketing psychology is and how it comes into play. Marketing Psychology is the understanding and prediction of what individuals think and how they approach a product or service offered by your business. In order to know how to increase online sales fast, you need to understand what makes your customers spend.

Consumer Psychology 

Generating content and presenting to your customers and audience an experience lies in your marketing efforts. Focusing on a field that falls below Marketing is Consumer Psychology. This field in particular studies and helps businesses understand the decisions they make. There are multiple of factors that clearly influence why consumers follow through with buying a product or a service and they are: 

  • Personal – The Personal factor involves age, gender, and income 
  • Social – The Social factor involves family and friends 
  • Culture – The Cultural factor involves religion, as well as traditions 
  • Psychological – The Psychological factor involves motivation, perception, as well as learning. 

The way that understanding consumers comes into play is by creating more effective marketing, as well as advertising campaigns that allow you the opportunity to reach your target audience and customers, therefore, increase sales.  

Application of Marketing Psychology in Ecommerce

The buying process or journey often consists of multiple steps: Attention Phase, Interest Phase, Consideration Phase, Decision Phase and finally, Action Phase. It is important that throughout the customer process, we analyze the different steps and strategies to help your ecommerce site stand out, generating more online sales by pushing your customers to go through with purchasing your services or products. 

Increase Sales Online – Attention Phase 

First impressions are important, and as much as we do not want to say that placing judgment is fine, customers are oftentimes browsing what’s the best site to cater to their needs. The first visit places a lot of importance on user experience. Social Proof is a principle in marketing psychology that states people look to others doing something to decide if it is correct behavior. Think of it in the form of reviews left on websites. If there are a lot of positive reviews placed on your product pages, more people are likely to purchase it. 

Attention Phase & Device Translation

As important as it is to have an appealing ecommerce site, it is important that your site has quality hosting services first being Device Translation. Your website needs to be easily accessible on mobile devices, tablets, etc in order to grasp the idea that your services and products are accessible through thumb-friendly navigation. 

Attention Phase & Speed 

The concept remains, if something takes too long, you’ll click off and find what you need elsewhere. You want your customers to access your ecom site with high speed time ensuring that your website is presented professionally leading to more customers. Approximately 70% of customers reported that page speed impacts their willingness to purchase from an ecommerce site. 

Increase Sales Online – Interest Phase 

When customers find that you are able to offer them a clear, straight to the point site which is user friendly, they’ll begin browsing your page to see what else your site offers. Think of this while you’re visiting GuruDesk. We hold ourselves high by stating we are hosting providers. As you visit our website and scroll, you’ll notice the services we offer, categories that are neatly organized for you to understand. We pride ourselves in explaining the technicalities that at times, feel too lengthy or boring for the majority of the population. 

Interest Phase & Uptime 

With more website visitors, or website sales, uptime plays a big role. Having customers become more and more invested may pose a threat of your ecom site to crash, that is why having a hosting provider offer you 99.9% uptime is of the essence. 

Increase Online Sales – Consideration Phase 

When considering purchasing something, you often wait until a product or service ‘nudges’ you by standing out far more than the rest. There are four behavioral principles that fall beneath this phase: 

The Framing Effect

Is whether people decide on options based on the positive or negative connotations. When choosing to name your categories and options that fall underneath, words need to be used in an appealing way in order to always ensure you’re increasing online sales, regardless of price and the idea associated with the word. 

The Center-Stage Effect 

Bottom Line: Place your product or service in the middle if you want to increase online sales fast! 

Let’s break it down for you! When a product or a service isn’t in the lead, we want to be able to offer customers the opportunity to make a decision and this is where you empower them. May it be in the form of anchoring which allows for customers to place it at the highest level of comparison. 

Customers will oftentimes feel empowered among all options to compare back to the product or service you locate in the middle. 

Increase Online Sales – Decision Phase

Online shopping is the new normal done on ecommerce sites. Ecommerce businesses are all year long expanding and becoming the new ‘IT’ spot for people to find all they need through their mobile phones. With the intention of increasing and boosting sales, this is where it all comes together. 

Choice Architecture 

Is the way choices and options are presented in different ways that end up affecting the overall decision-making process. Small things might be able to place an opinion and add up to a strong preference. 

Nudge Theory 

Similar to what we mentioned in our Quality Hosting, Positive UX, and Improved Sales blog, triggers are similar to nudges. Nudges are more likely what entice customers to make a certain choice and, therefore, behave in a particular way. Triggers lead to the favored desired outcome. It’s important to note down that when writing, we offer things as a gentle suggestion, rather than it being mandatory. 

Doubt Avoidance 

When uncertainty comes into place, customers tend to avoid making the decision, overall. Icons present on products or services stating percentages or the benefits instill trust within your customers minds. This creates a positive association, or even feeling about the product or service that your ecommerce site, or business offers. With doubt avoidance, customers are encouraged more so in their decision making, leaving them empowered and satisfied with the choice they’ve made. 

Decision Phase & Security 

With customers adding the products or services of interest, customers will begin to add confidential information. It is vital that the hosting provider offers SSL Certificate offering security without risk of breaches and threats. This will allow grant customer trust, as well as offer an added bonus of positive customer feedback.

Ecommerce Sales and Psychology 

How does it all come to play when you’re looking at your ecommerce site or business and linking it to Psychology? Well, as you choose a hosting provider to begin the process of initiating your business online, it is best to prepare yourself for when you have a registered domain, email address and a hosting plan of what your site will come to be. 

We are well aware of the popular ecommerce sites that are coming out and the importance of understanding which ecom site has the best suited factors. Knowing well enough that Shopify offers themes on Shopify Store, pre-made, we are mainly going out of the box in hopes that you think of the smallest of details to hone the largest of income to continuously grow your business. 

The smallest of details include your story and why your business came to be. People want to be motivated and feel connected to the product or service that you are providing. Your online store should give a feeling of a house open to people that are in search of a product that solves their problem.

Website Design 

Increase sales online, psychologically: UI UX Graphic designer. Group of designer creativity drawing a website outline and website ux app development on mobile phone.

The most basic elements of your ecommerce site can have a grand effect on how your customers will view and interact with your business, this is where consumer psychology comes into full effect: the businesses’ primary design decides the fate of your business – from color scheme to visuals to loading speed, it all matters. 

The Psychology of Design 

Showcasing your brand identity through the use of design and psychology play out into generating a larger audience. When thinking of how to increase online sales, psychologically, a lot of factors come into play. Through customer testimonials, existing customers are able to nudge potential customers in investing in what we’ve got in store for them.

When using sites such as WordPress or WooCommerce, having your hand in the design offers a greater approach in how you sell what your customer needs. Think of it this way, your hosting provider offers you the building foundations such as a sturdy house, electricity, gas and running water. The security and necessities of life are ready, all you need to do is figure out how to make your house more homey. 

To know more about Web Hosting and which hosting service is for you, checkout WooCommerce Hosting 101: What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Provider. If you are already subscribed to a hosted ecommerce website (such as Shopify or maybe Wix) and are thinking of transferring to WooCommerce, for the better deals and more unique approach, read Why You Should Choose WooCommerce vs Shopify for a simpler, but lengthier understanding. 

Now let’s delve into the ways you can design and make use of your ecommerce store…


Ever since humans were brought onto this earth, the use of senses was important. Whether it was cavemen in search of food, shelter, clothing, or gatherers having to see, taste and touch in order to understand what was made okay for them. The concept remains. Humans are visual creatures. Appealing to the senses is the best way to initiate contact with your consumers and doing that can be through the use of the following:

People & Images

The majority of purchasing decisions done on ecommerce sites are impacted by visuals. Ecommerce takes place online, through the use of mobile devices, tablets and laptops. Making use of your website basks in the idea of using the spaces and texts, but most importantly using well-lit images and videos that offer a feel to the product or service your business offers.

Think of including images and videos with faces. People’s attention is more likely to shift and respond to faces. People connect on another level when other people are involved, more so than just a company. A company without people feels distant. However, a company showcasing the founders, team, or even customers offers a connection that goes far along. Statistics show that 50% of online shoppers depend on images to decide their purchases. 

Color Scheme 

The Psychology of Color plays a vital role in web design, by creating a strong brand, boosting sales and leading visitors to specific pages or actions. Color, a universal content, helps communicate directly with the subconscious minds of customers. Color is known to have an impact on emotions and decisions. As evoking emotions and decisions as colors are, the subtext behind them may differ from one culture to another.

Yet the fact remains, every color contains certain characteristics and through the use of color psychology one would be able to create the best result for their ecommerce store. Here’s an example: famous apps and sites such as Twitter and Facebook use the color blue. Blue is considered to be the popular choice and favorite color since it is associated with peace and security. 

How to Use Color Psychology for Your Ecommerce site

We wouldn’t want to just throw information your way and leave you hanging, after all, this is your course on how to Increase Sales Online, psychologically 101. We’re going to explain to you how you can best use color psychology for your benefit! 

increase sales online, psychologically: Hands of a designer sitting and choosing colors from the template card. Horizontal indoors shot.

Demographics are very important nowadays because they help you understand which gender and age groups visit your site more often. It also helps you in catering your products or services in the best way that they are capable of divulging the information. You need to understand the basics of which age group is more likely than not visiting your site, and which genders are considered or disregarded. This helps in narrowing down the color choices to cater to your demographic and therefore, boost online sales.

Shades and Hues 

Integrating shades, tints and hues is another important factor since this will help improve customer engagement, impressions and conversions if done correctly. A little word of advice, bright colors for your homepage mostly appeal to men, as opposed to women who appreciate soft colors. 

Trigger the Emotion 

Onset first impressions matter and through the use of different colors, you are able to trigger the desired emotion. Understanding what appeals to your gender and demographic are important, more so which emotion you will evoke out of your customers if you blend these colors in an ecommerce store. 

Make note that a lot of your customers have varying experience, whether they are related to online stores, or their online personal, individual experiences. You may never know what they went through, but offering them comfort and knowledge based on a soft color scheme, allows for the chance of connection.

Incorporating Brand Colors

Running social media accounts on platforms goes hand in hand with many ecommerce businesses today, which is why it’s important that if you intend your business to compete, your brand colors need to be visible and consistent among all platforms. This allows for an overall steady and positive first impression. Incorporating brand colors to your blog banner, images or feature images as well as scroll indicator helps add that interesting detail and allows your customers to understand your attention to detail, therefore, adding more trust in you.

By continuously incorporating your brand colors, you’re improving your brand recognition up to 80%. This allows us to believe that consistently using the same colors will lead potential, and existing customers, to identify with the brand therefore, enhancing brand awareness. Due to the familiarity caused by the high levels of brand awareness, your ecommerce site is likely to generate more revenue.  

Principles of Persuasion 

Now that we understand the importance of Psychology and Design, we need to understand the principles that push your customers to follow through on their purchasing. There are seven principles of persuasion: 


Reciprocity which is instilling a sense of indebted gratitude in your customers. Offering a service or product to potential customers encourages them to consider ways in which they can balance out what they’ve received. Think of this as offering them 15% off their first purchase once they sign up on your ecommerce website. With signing up, 15% off their first purchase, they’re more encouraged to purchase, therefore, possibly receiving more percentage off their next purchase, or a free service or product, overall. The cycle continues.


It is no surprise that customers, or individuals are after something that makes them feel unique. Scarcity is making customers aware of how they might miss out. Think of this as flash sales that last up to 24 hours, or discounts arranged for a time. Knowing that they might miss on a service or product because it will no longer be available will nudge them to follow through with their purchase. More often than not, through the use of scarcity, businesses are able to increase online sales and have potential customers spend and become your trusted loyal new customers.


Using influencers to sell has always been a standing point. Think of Wix when they advertised their services by hosting Heidi Klum, Gal Gadot, Karlie Kloss and more. People of influence encourage customers since they are through trusted voices. People of authority can range from social media influencers to celebrities, however, if we’re delving into it a little deeper, 62% of people trust social media influencers over celebrities. This is because customers trust and value social media influencers more than television, paid social media ads, or paid endorsements. 

Commitment and Consistency

By making smaller commitments, one will feel safer to make bigger commitments. You can picture this like having a new partner. Rushing into things will give you cold feet, however, by getting to know each other through dates (small commitments), the next big step would be moving in together, and maybe bigger would be getting married. Smaller commitments lead customers to big purchases. This will allow for an overall positive customer experience.


When a customer buys from you, the next step would be to make them feel good about buying from you. Brand loyalty stems from a deep psychological instinct to stick to what one knows and likes, therefore, there should always be an intrinsic need to focus on what new customers are looking for and what they’ll like about your brand, or business. 

Social Proof 

Customers decision making is mostly generated and led through what the majority has to say. ‘There’s safety in numbers’ as they say. Social Proof offers potential customers the experience of existing customers, and this may take form on your ecommerce website as a video, comment or even reviews. Around 88% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. To narrow it even more, 70% of consumers will trust a review left by someone they don’t know and 92% of consumers trust a recommendation offered by a peer. 


Help your customers build a sense of belonging to your ecommerce site – this may take the form of forming a loyalty group in which deals are sent on a weekly basis or a loyalty points card that allows your customer to make use of your products and services to receive an offering after reaching a certain limit. 

Customer Service

increase sales online psychologically: Mature Businesswoman Wearing Phone Headset Talking To Caller In Busy Customer Services Centre

We need to not forget that sometimes, customers will feel the need to get in touch with customer service, whether to make note of an issue that they ran through, ask about delivery and or shipment. Having a great customer service software allows for an easier way of connecting, as well as conversing without the hassle of time.

Great customer service allows for added bonus of customer trust, as well as an increase of positive customer conversations that may be through word of mouth, or comments and reviews left on your page.

Is Selling Online Still Profitable

increase sales online, psychologically: Customer Support

Well, through this crash course of Consumer behavior, Marketing, as well as Psychology, increasing your sales online is a definite. Online shoppers are growing by the second. More so, with the growth and expansion of technology, you can get almost anything and everything online. With the help of google analytics, you are able to narrow down what is in high demand. Through search engine optimization, you are able to intrinsically assess the keywords often used by shoppers and generate your content accordingly. Through the use of social media, as well as social proof, you are given all the tools to start your business online!

Increase Online Sales, Psychologically 

Now that you have it all mapped out, you’ll be making online sales in no time. Figuring out the best way to touch on technical, psychological and design aspects allow your customers an overall feel of security and comfort. Discussing your ecommerce dream business with your hosting provider leads you to thinking of the next step which is how to get individuals to become loyal customers, and it all starts with you. Combining these factors will help you in improving conversions for your ecommerce business. How to increase online sales will become nothing, but a continuously expanding field for you, where you will only need to go back to update the perfectly aligned foundation of your business.

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